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LYNN NailSplash - 6 tips to Maintain Long Fingernails - Nail salon near me in North Vancouver

1, Cleaning off existing polish

Using nail polish remover and a cotton ball, take off any nail polish that's on your nails. Even if you don't have any nail polish on, still wipe over them to clean off any dirt and oil.
Wash your hands.


2, Tidying your nails

Rub some lotion on your hands.
With the end of a nail file, clean the underneath of your nails, get any remaining dirt out.
If your nails are brittle or are chipping, clip them just a tiny bit or clip them so they are all one length.
File your nails in whatever shape you like them. (round or square).

3, Caring for your cuticles

Rub some cuticle cream onto your nails and let it set for a minute.

Push back your cuticles and then trim them gently. Only trim them if they look like they need it.
Get any dead skin off from around the edges of your nails with the cuticle cutter.

4, Buffing nails

Buff your nails with a nail buffer. This will smooth out the nail and make them look healthy.

Wipe your nails off with a towel or a tissue to take any lotion off that might be on the nail.

5, Adding polish
Paint your nails with something that helps encourage nail growth. This will protect your nails from any damage and help them to grow long and strong.

6, Preventing Chips on Nails
Put a base coat to prevent staining.
Apply the desired color.
Use a topcoat.

After the first four days, apply the topcoat every day once a day.
After the last three days, apply every other day.

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