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What is Luxury Package Service at LYNN NailSplash? - Nail salon near me in North Vancouver

Located conveniently in North Vancouver, BC V7P 1T5, LYNN NailSplash has become an industry leader in nail services. You can find all nail-related services, from Manicure, Pedicure to SNS Dipping Powder.


Collagen Luxury Treat...125$


Collagen indulgence Pedi, Mani & LumiSpa Mini Facial.

Plus an extra touch by collagen LED laser to lift and firm your skin instantly ==> Leave your skin firmer, younger-looking instantly.

Pampering Luxury Treat...95$


Hot Oil Pedi-Mani with paraffin treatment. LumiSpa mini facial with natural essence mask ==> Leave your skin smooth and feeling refreshed!

To get more info or booking Luxury Package near me in North Vancouver, please contact us via:

  • 1433 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1T5 Canada
  • 604-986-1875
We look forward to serving you at nail salon near me in North Vancouver

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