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FAQ about LYNN NailSplash you should know - Nail salon near me in North Vancouver

Located conveniently in North Vancouver, BC V7P 1T5, LYNN NailSplash has become an industry leader in nail services. You can find all nail-related services, from Manicure, Pedicure to SNS Dipping Powder.


1, What is the address of  LYNN NailSplash?

Our Add: 1433 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1T5

2, What is the telephone number of LYNN NailSplash?


3, What are new services only at  LYNN NailSplash?

It contains Luxury Package, Collagen Indulgence Spa (Pedicure - Manicure), Hot Oil Spa (Pedicure - Manicure)...

4, What types of Luxury Package?

Our service contains 2 services : 

Collagen Luxury Treat$125 


Collagen indulgence Pedi, Mani & LumiSpa Mini Facial.

Plus an extra touch by collagen LED laser to lift and firm your skin instantly ==> Leave your skin firmer, younger-looking instantly.

Pampering Luxury Treat$95 


Hot Oil Pedi-Mani with paraffin treatment. LumiSpa mini facial with natural essence mask ==> Leave your skin smooth and feeling refreshed!

5, What are the best services at LYNN NailSplash?

It's Luxury Package, Deluxe Spa, Nails, Eyelash Extension, Facial Service...

6, What is the working hour of LYNN NailSplash?

To get more info or booking our services, please contact us via:

  • 1433 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1T5 Canada
  • 604-986-1875

We look forward to serving you at nail salon near me North Vancouver