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You should get pedicure services all year round, not only in one specific season. In the Winter, although many people think that it’s not necessary to go for regular pedicures in local beauty salons, the truth is getting a proper pedicure routine becomes really essential. Even though the weather has forced our tootsies into socks and closed-toes shoes, they still need some tender loving care…probably now more than ever! Read below to see the reasons you should have winter pedicures.


Which Skin And Foot Problems May You Experience All Winter Long?
During cold winter months, nails become dry and brittle causing, sometimes painful, splitting and breaking. This can lead to ingrown toenails and/or infections.
The cold weather makes your skin dry, rough, itchy, and flaky.
Wearing closed-toe shoes and boots for those winter months can make the feet and toes more prone to accumulating calluses and corns.

Benefits Of Getting A Pedicure Routine In Winter
We agree that most people get pedicures for a great polish job and to get their open-toe sandals ready. But, here are other good reasons why you should continue your pedicure even during the winter season.

Be healthy! Regular moisturizing and removing dead skin cells help keep your skin soft, healthy and always in the best condition.
Lift your spirits! Ever experience the winter blues? For some, the colder months and particularly the holidays bring about feelings of gloom. If you’re looking to bring a little bit of sunshine to your life during this time of year, remember to treat yourself. Nothing feels quite as uplighting as pampering and being just a little bit self-indulgent. Plus, bright colors on your feet just might remind you that there is warmer weather and sunnier days ahead.

Boost your confidence! Getting your feet and toes pampered allows you to stand out with neat and cute nails every time you go barefoot.
Improve well-being! A true pedicure will deliver noticeable relief right after the procedure. You can happily smile at your clean and lovely feet.

How much does Pedicure service cost at LYNN NailSplash?

Collagen Indulgence Pedicure...65$

Combo - Collagen Indulgence Pedi & Mani...90$

Hot Oil Spa Pedicure...55$

COMBO - Hot Oil Spa Pedicure & Manicure...75$

Deluxe Spa Pedicure...45$


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